• Alandia Motorsport

Todays event together with Mekonomen Aland was a blast, great to see kids checking out the bike and their parents wanting to ask questions about the sport, love it. 

Thanks Mekonomen for having us in your shop for the day, always great haning out with you guys! 

  • Alandia Motorsport

Just got back from a great event together with Cinderella Sverige at Elimia Husvagn/husbil show. 

Always great to do shows with this proffesional group and I was very happy to see such a huge interest in the bike and the Cinderella booth.

Thanks to everyone that came by to talk to us and thanks to Cinderella for having us there! 

  • Alandia Motorsport

Event at Sittkoffs this weekend where we had a lot of people stopping by to congratulate us on our win in the Scandinavian series, thank you all, this make me so happy! 

Also glad to see so many kids wanting to get a closer look of the bike, always fun to show them this beautiful bike. 

Thank you Sittkoffs for having me there on your event "Bilar i City"