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Ida Zetterström born 1994 in Stockholm Sweden. 


Grew up in her dad's workshop and at the racetrack with her family as her father either raced himself or worked on the engine and tuning programs for other race teams.


At the age of 8 Ida started racing Jr Dragsters and had a great start of her career. 

At the age of 16 she  moved up and earned her Super Comp Dragster license.

2017 Ida started racing in the class Super Street Bike, the European version of the U.S. class

Pro Street Bike.

2019 the team competed in the Scandinavian championship with a new bike, known as Lucky #13. They starting the season of strong by setting several personal bests and qualified top 3 almost every race of the season.

The second race of the championship ended with the teams first final round appearance and a second place finish.

The third race of the championship ended with the teams very first SSB win, making Ida the first woman to ever win in the Scandinavian Super Street Bike class.

The final race of the year ended with a second place finish in the last event and the team also stood as the overall winners of the Scandinavian championship.

Making Ida the first woman to ever win a Super Street Bike championship. 

Ida also received the VP Racing Fuels Special Award for the racer with most notable achievements in 2019.

In July 2020 Ida became the first woman to ever clock a 6 second run in the Super Street Bike class, and in all classes driven on street tires / without wheelie bars, doing so with a new track record ET of 6.985s at 205.9mph. 

The following event Ida clocked a stunning 6.885s making her the second quickest rider in Super Street Bike history at the time and it made the team the second team to ever get into the 6.8 second zone. 

Ever since her start in jr. dragster, at the age of 8, the dream was always to race Top Fuel dragster, a dream that never died during the years of racing other classes.

Ida continued to work on making this dream come to true, and by 2020 the goal was clear and she contacted RF Motorsport and Rune Fjeld - who is well known for being the best at licensing new drivers for the Top Fuel class.


"With the help of great partners like and several more we have been able to make this possible. I've put all my effort into making my transition to Top Fuel and gaining as much experience as possible during 2021 to be ready to line up against Europe's greatest in 2022. I know I'm a rookie, but the RF Motorsport team behind me sure aren't and it feels great to have their support as I enter this new chapter of my racing career and get to live out my biggest dream"

Ida started her licensing at Bug Jam 2021 where she made all runs needed except for one full pass, she therefore returned to complete her license at the Euro Finals Shootout. At the Euro Finals the team got the full pass needed to complete her license and they did so in a stunning 3.862 seconds, the quickest licensing pass ever. With 3.862 seconds Zetterström rocketed into the number four spot of quickest Top Fuel drivers in Europe.

In the first official FIA Event of 2022 Ida and the team set a new European record of 3.782 seconds and by that they where the first team to ever clock a 3.7 second pass in Europe. 

In the second race of the 2022 season Ida and the team found themself in the winners circle for the first time in an FIA Championship event, as they took home the Top Fuel win at Tierp Arena. 

In December 2022 Ida was acknowledged on Drag Illustrated prestigious 30 under 30 list, highlighting the most influential people in dragracing.

At the first event of the European FIA Championship at Santa Pod 2023 Ida and the team reset their own European ET record with a 3.773s pass while also taking over the new European Speed record of 321mph. Ida and the team then went on to win the event. An impressive start to what came to be a very impressive season, that later in the year ended with the overall Top Fuel Championship victory.

"I'm Incredibly proud of my #RFMotorsport team and our partners for the performance we have shown this year; loosing only one round all year, numerous nr 1 qualifiers, running consistently and taking home the European Records for both Speed and ET and the overall Championship victory"

Top Fuel Ida 3.jpg
Top Fuel Dragster

Brand: McKinney Top Fuel Dragster

Category: Top Fuel 
Series: FIA European Championship 

Horsepower: 11.000hp

Engine size: 500 cubic inch

Fuel: Nitromethane

Team: Racing for Team RF Motorsport

DRDB Position: 1st 

Career-best elapsed time: 3.773 s (Santa Pod Raceway, 2023)

Career-best speed: 321 mph / 516.62 km/h (Santa Pod Raceway, 2023)

European ET and Speed record holders with 3.77s and 321mph, first team in the 3.7 second zone in Europe 

Super Street Bike

Brand: Suzuki Hayabusa

Category: Super Street Bike

Series: FIM European / EDRS PRO Nordic
Horsepower: 750hp

Fuelsystem: Fueltech 

Turbo: Xona Rotor turbo

Engine Builder: Kim Hilander

Tuner: Arttu Heinälä

2020 points finish: 1st Finnish Championship

2019 points finish: 1st EDRS PRO Championship

2018 points finish: 7th EDRS PRO Championship

DRDB position: 8rd of 332

Career-best elapsed time: 6.885 s (Kauhava, 2020)

Career-best speed: 215.55 mph (Kauhava, 2020)


Live: Aland Islands, Finland

Date of birth: May 2, 1994

Work: Owner of marketing company Ida Zetterström creative, specialized in social media marketing, website design and content creation. With a special love for Motorsport marketing. 

Ida also works as a morning show co host at Steel FM radio and pitlane reporter for live streaming service STCC+ covering the full Swedish STCC series in 2023.

Interest: American muscle cars, motorcycles, action sports such as jet skiing and dirt biking, traveling, working out and taking a break together with friends and family. 


"The fact that Ida is running a business in marketing and social media branding makes her the perfect fit to work with brands on and off track."

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