Dragracing is the world's fastest motorsport and for sure it gets a lot of PR. 

Being a female in the motorsport industry you can count on having eyes at you all the time. People want to se what you are doing and how far you are going. This is great for our business partners who gets a lot of attention from this.

Companies have long realized that drag racing wasn’t just a sport, but a great marketplace as well. 

A European or Scandinavian race is a three or four day show where the fans get to see high class racing up close and personal. One of the many benefits of dragracing for a spectator is that the events always have an "open pit" where everyone can get up close with the racers, watch them prepare for next round or take things apart after last round. You get to celebrate the good times along with the team when they get back from running a new personal best, and you can talk to the team without having to have a VIP pass. 

Dragracing has the power to inspire purchases, alter purchasing patterns, introduce or solidify brand loyalty and influence overall consumer behavior in general. Studies show that people in the dragracing industry, racers, teams, staff, suppliers, fans and  social media followers are all more likely to buy products/services from a brand that supports a dragracer. 

Coverage of Dragracing teams and events can be found online, in leading national magazines as well as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and other Social Networking Sites.

Even on the teams transporter traveling between events, the trailers or busses that racers use are literally moving billboards that captures the attention of every passerby.

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