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We made it to the SML gala in Tampere this weekend. For a moment there we thought we would not make it since a storm rolled in on Friday and made it impossible for the ferry to get in to harbor. Luckily we where able to go with another ferry from a different harbor at 3am instead - and we made it! We where congratulated on our win in the Nordic series and we got to accept the award for our second place in the Finnish series and we had a great night together with our team.

  • Skribentens bildAlandia Motorsport

Yesterday the whole team where in Bålsta for the EDRS awards cermony where we where going to pick up our award for winning the Nordic Pro Championship. 

Except from that award we also had the honor to pick up another surprice award. 

The 2019 VP Racing Special award. 

We where so surprised, happy and honored to be selected for this award, it just made the ending of this season even better than expected. 

You can read the lovely nomination on the picture below.

  • Skribentens bildAlandia Motorsport

On or way back to Los Angeles from Las Vegas where we have visited the SEMA show together with our great sponsors #TialSport and #XonaRotors. WOW, we just checked out their latest turbo news and it's fantastic! Can't wait untill we have our own Xona Rotor unit on Lucky, one of the most exciting updates for 2020 for sure. Just wait and see! Thanks for having us Tial and Xona, it was a pleasure to meet you there.

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