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Alandia Motorsport has made a fantastic season, I´m incredibly proud of the progress that the team has made and I'm happy to say that our final apperance at Tierp Arena gave us enough points to reach the top of the points list and clinch the championship victory. 

We are the 2019 Scandinavian championship WINNERS!!!  

Photo Mike Kraaij

  • Skribentens bildAlandia Motorsport

Our weekend at Tierp Arena was filled with several new PBs, getting in to the 7.0 zone for the first time with a 7.05, 7.02 and ended the event with a 7.016 at 202.8mph. 

Qualified 2th with our 7.02. 

We made our way to the final and ended the event with a super close final where we unfortunately had to see us beaten by last years champ Matte Bohlin. In the final we run our best time over og 7.016, ending the season deep in the 7.0 zone and made it in to the top 10 of the list of Europes fastest Super Street Bike riders. 

  • Skribentens bildAlandia Motorsport

Rough qualifing at Hockenheim since weather took away two of our planned 4 rounds. 

Ended qualifying in the number 9 position out of 24 riders.

Tough loss in E1 with a 0.010 margin. 

First time for us racing on this track and there are a few things to adapt to but we learned alot and will come back stonger next year.  

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