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 November 24th 2019

Yesterday the whole team where in Bålsta for the EDRS awards cermony where we where going to pick up our award for winning the Nordic Pro Championship. 

Except from that award we also had the honor to pick up another surprice award. 

The 2019 VP Racing Special award. 

We where so surprised, happy and honored to be selected for this award, it just made the ending of this season even better than expected. 

You can read the lovely nomination on the picture below.  

 October 26th 2019

Todays event together with Mekonomen Aland was a blast, great to see kids checking out the bike and their parents wanting to ask questions about the sport, love it. 

Thanks Mekonomen for having us in your shop for the day, always great haning out with you guys! 

 September 15th 2019 

Just got back from a great event together with Cinderella Sverige at Elimia Husvagn/husbil show. 

Always great to do shows with this proffesional group and I was very happy to see such a huge interest in the bike and the Cinderella booth.

Thanks to everyone that came by to talk to us and thanks to Cinderella for having us there! 


 September 7th 2019

Event at Sittkoffs this weekend where we had a lot of people stopping by to congratulate us on our win in the Scandinavian series, thank you all, this make me so happy! 

Also glad to see so many kids wanting to get a closer look of the bike, always fun to show them this beautiful bike. 

Thank you Sittkoffs for having me there on your event "Bilar i City". 

 Video from Finals at Tierp Arena

August 26th  2019

Alandia Motorsport has made a fantastic season, I´m incredibly proud of the progress that the team has made and I'm happy to say that our final apperance at Tierp Arena gave us enough points to reach the top of the points list and clinch the championship victory. 

We are the 2019 Scandinavian championship WINNERS!!!  


Photo Mike Kraaij

August 25th  2019

Weekend at Tierp Arena was filled of several new PBs, getting in to the 7.0 zone for the first time with a 7.05, 7.02 and ended the event with a 7.016 at 202.8mph. 

Qualified 2th with our 7.02. 

Ended the event with a super close final where we unfortunately had to see us beaten by last years champ Matte Bohlin. In the final we run our best time over og 7.016, ending the season deep in the 7.0 zone and made it in to the top 10 of the list of Europes fastest Super Street Bike riders.  


Photo Tierp Arena

Hockenheim August 19th  2019

Rough qualifing at Hockenheim since weather took away two of our planned 4 rounds. 

Ended qualifying in the number 9 position out of 24 riders.

Tough loss in E1 with a 0.010 margin. 

First time for us racing on this track and there are a few things to adapt to but we learned alot and will come back stonger next year.  


Gardermoen August 2-4  2019

 Alandia Motorsport WINS Gardermoen and the 3th event of the Scandinavian series. 

Started the eliminations from 2th possition after running a strong 7.15 in qualification that put us just behind number one qualifier Mathias Bohlin and his 7.12. 

First elimination round was a win agains Dag Wagenius.

In the semifinals we got the win over the leader of the Nordic Series, Vesa Ruhanen.

In the final we where up agains reigning champion and first qualifier Mathias Bohlin. We got the win with a new PB of 7.10 agains Bohlins 7.18. 

We are sitting 2th in the points for the Scandinavian series, now only 15 points after the leader, Vesa Ruhanen. 

The forth and final round at Tierp arena will be a real nail biter. 

Kauhava July 5-7  2019

After racing in tricky conditions on a brand new track Ida and Team Alandia Motorsport finishes as Runner Up in the second race of the Scandinavian EDRS PRO series. This race was also numer 3 in the European Championship. 
This was Idas firs final in the class Super Street Bike. 

Ida is now sitting number two in the Nordic Championship and number 8 in the European Championship, even though the the team did not attend the first race of the European Series. 


Video from Tierp Arena 

Tierp Arena 7th of June 2019

Ida runs another PB of 7.11s which puts her 2th after two days of qualifying, the best qulifying possition in her dragbike career. 

Ida makes it to the semi finals where she is beaten by Anders Blank after loosing traction and spinning at the starting line. 

Ida is now at the 3th possition in the Scandinavian EDRS Series. 


May 26th 2019

Ida runs a PB of 7.28s in first round of qualifying at Santa Pod Raceway England. This puts her in 11th place of 26 riders at the end of qualifying. Watch the video of the run here 


April 13th 2019

New shirt design finished and printed, shirts are ready to be shipped from US and the plan is to have them here in time for the big Exhibit at Elmia 19-22 April.  

the 19th of April, at the start of the exhibit we will reveal the new design of Lucky and also the new shirt design. 

T-shirts and hoodies will be for sale at the exhibit and after that it will be possible to buy on the races or order directly from the team. 

February 15th 2019

  Kick off with a great part of our sponsors/business partners.

loved that so many took the time to come see us and had a great night together where we got to show off the new bike, look back on pictures and videos from last season and also looking forward on the season ahead of us. 

Thanks to everyone who could make it, I'm so gratefull!  

February 11th 2019

 Picked Lucky up from the harbour in Gävle, Sweden, and finally got to take her home and start with the improvments for 2019 season. We got a lot of work a head of us before tesing in May but this great team will make it happen.

One of our partners, Prima Bil, leant us a car to use for the pick up, perfekt service as always.   

February 2th 2019

Waiting for the new bike to arrive from USA.

First thing to happen when the bike gets back is that the bodywork will be sent to one of our partners, Lackcenter Åland, who will change all the green parts into black to keep the teams red/white/black design.  

January 19th 2019

Short video from testing with new bike in valdosta US November 2018

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