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Scandinavian Champions   

6.88 - 346 km/h 


I have been at the ractrack since I was a few weeks old and I've been racing since I was 8 years old. 

Starting out in Jr. Dragster and moving up to Super Comp Dragster at the age of 16. 

In 2017 I Started racing dragbikes in the European Super Street Bike class.

2018 I became the first female in the world to cross the 200 mph barrier on a street tire dragbike with the speed of 202.5mph.

2019 me and my team won the Scandinavian Championship and with this I became the first women to ever win an event, and a Championship, in the Scandinavian Super Street Bike series.  2020 we finally broke the 7 second barrier, clocking in at 6.98s and 331km/h - 205.9mph. 

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Partnered with some of the best  

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