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Ida Zetterström

Ida Zetterström & Team RF Motorsport are 

your 2023 FIA Top Fuel Champions

Born in Sweden, living on Aland Islands, Finland.

Ida has been at the racetrack since she was a few weeks old and been racing since the age of 8. Starting out in Jr. Dragster and moving up to Super Comp Dragster at the age of 16. 

She is a Scandinavian Champion in the Super Street Bike class, having both records and event- and serie wins under her belt in this ultra hairy dragbike class. The goal and dream was always to race Top Fuel Dragster, a dream that never died during the years of racing other classes. 

Ida earned her Top Fuel licens in the end of 2021 season, running a stunning 3.86s at the 1000ft, the quickest FIA licensing run in history

In 2022 they where the first team to ever clock a 3.7 second pass in Europe. 
In the first official FIA Event of 2023 Ida and team

RF Motorsport set both ends of the European records of 3.773 seconds and 321 mph and later ended the season as the European Top Fuel Champions. 

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" Ida’s personality is one that keeps her always in motion, always learning, and

always trying new things.
In whatever she does, she doesn’t just want 
to participate

- she wants to compete and wants to dominate.

She considers herself stubborn in that regard. However, despite being one of the most driven people you could ever meet, Ida is one of the most approachable, bubbly, down-to-earth, personable people on the planet. That is something that will help in her drive toward the next goal."

Shawn Brereton - Edelbrock group


Partnered with some of the best 

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