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January 26th 2020

We got the achievement of the year award (” årets Bragd”) Out of 5 nominated athletes and teams we received 42% of all votes, if that doesn’t warm your heart I don’t know what would!!! There was a lot of great awards up for grabs at last nights awards ceremony but only one was decided by people’s vote and this one is in my eyes the most prestigious one you can get. I did not win female athlete of the year where I was also nominated and which is decided by a jury, but to get the people’s vote makes me proud and humble. It shows that people see how much hard work our team puts in all year to do what we love and that is the best fuel to keep going! So thanks everyone that voted for us, everyone that supports us, our amazing sponsors for believing in us and the whole team for all the hard work - let’s get ready for 2020 season Thank you,

MSTRAND.AX Verkstan Lackcenter Tialsport Xonarotor Morris07 Cinderella Sverige Tonys Gräv Mekonomen Åland Klingbergs Ab

APEraceparts RS.Polering & Bilvård PH-potography Vikingline Åland

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