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Gardermoen August 2-4 2019

 Alandia Motorsport WINS Gardermoen and the 3th event of the Scandinavian series. 

Started the eliminations from 2th possition after running a strong 7.15 in qualification that put us just behind number one qualifier Mathias Bohlin and his 7.12. 

First elimination round was a win agains Dag Wagenius.

In the semifinals we got the win over the leader of the Nordic Series, Vesa Ruhanen.

In the final we where up agains reigning champion and first qualifier Mathias Bohlin. We got the win with a new PB of 7.10 agains Bohlins 7.18. 

We are sitting 2th in the points for the Scandinavian series, now only 15 points after the leader, Vesa Ruhanen. 

The forth and final round at Tierp arena will be a real nail biter. 

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