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  • Alandia Motorsport

New shirt design finished and printed, shirts are ready to be shipped from US and the plan is to have them here in time for the big Exhibit at Elmia 19-22 April.  

the 19th of April, at the start of the exhibit we will reveal the new design of Lucky and also the new shirt design. 

T-shirts and hoodies will be for sale at the exhibit and after that it will be possible to buy on the races or order directly from the team.

  • Alandia Motorsport

 Kick off with a great part of our sponsors/business partners.

loved that so many took the time to come see us and had a great night together where we got to show off the new bike, look back on pictures and videos from last season and also looking forward on the season ahead of us. 

Thanks to everyone who could make it, I'm so grateful! 

  • Alandia Motorsport

 Picked Lucky up from the harbour in Gävle, Sweden, and finally got to take her home and start with the improvments for 2019 season. We got a lot of work a head of us before tesing in May but this great team will make it happen.

One of our partners, Prima Bil, leant us a car to use for the pick up, perfec

t service as always.

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